Watch: 9 X 5 NOW – meet the curator

Meet 9 X 5 NOW curator Dr Elizabeth Gower, as she unboxes some of the 300+ works contributed by Victorian College of the Arts artists and alumni for the landmark exhibition this 16–25 June.

More than 300 contemporary visual artists have contributed original artworks for the 9 X 5 NOW exhibition at the Victorian College of the Arts, which runs from 16–25 June at the University of Melbourne’s Margaret Lawrence Gallery. See some of the works being unboxed, and hear from curator Dr Elizabeth Gower in this short video.

Video banner: Still of David Rosetzky’s 9 X 5 artwork: LYV (partial version), c-type photo collage.

Banner image: Still of 9 X 5 NOW artworks. 

Video: Gregory Erdstein.

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